Opt-Out, Opt-in, Lean Back, Lean In

If you watched the CBS morning news this morning or if you read this Sunday’s New York Times magazine, you will become aware of a new trend: professional women who quit their jobs to stay home with their kids, then opt back in to the work force.

Having been a DINK, a SAHM and a soccer mom, I’m intrigued to be part of a new demographic which, as far as I know, does not yet have its own acronym.

Here’s the story I wrote about my experiences opting out and opting in for Parent Map magazine.  It includes a link to the New York Times article.

Hopping Off, and On, the Mommy Track

6 thoughts on “Opt-Out, Opt-in, Lean Back, Lean In

  1. Hi!
    This is not a comment about your new career, just how much in your picture you resemble your Weisberg family.
    Marion Brown ( the old Lakewood person)

  2. Ken, the male component of opting in and out is just starting to gain attention, with more stay-at-home dads. As an early adopter of this lifestyle (our cousin Deb remembers meeting you on the playground when your daughter and hers were small), have you written anything about it? Your perspective on the changes in acceptance of this lifestyle choice and the impact on family dynamics, self-esteem and success would be interesting.

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