Prime Number?

Here’s some worthwhile reading, courtesy of today’s Sunday New York Times:

Get a Midlife

I did not read this article in bed, but I will be adding In Our Prime: The Invention of Middle Age to the stack of books on my bedside table.

4 thoughts on “Prime Number?

  1. I’ve read most of the books you mentioned (although I saw Orhan Pamuk on your nightstand–I’ve never been able to finish one of his books), so allow me to recommend David Mitchell’s CLOUD ATLAS, the most interesting novel I’ve read in years. The man has an uncanny ability to jump into different narrators’ heads in different time periods, in different literary genres–and he’s a compelling storyteller. I can’t think of anyone who makes me look forward to reading before bed like this man has with this novel. Ken

    • Hi Ken,

      Coincidently, I read your comment just a few minutes before pulling the Garum Factory Lemon Scones out of the oven. They were delicious and elevated our gray-waiting-for-snow Saturday to something far more sublime.

      Thanks for the book recommendation It’s been added to my hold list at the library. I have such a great pile of books to read this winter. Though I’m trying to savor each and every one, it’s tempting to rush through so I can move on to the next.

      As for Orhan Pamuk, despite his reputation for being difficult (which is true), I’m a big fan and have read several of his books, though I still haven’t finished Snow. He came to Seattle many years ago and captivated me. We went to Turkey last year and I felt like I had new insight into him. I like authors who embody the east-meets-west struggle and also those who are able to portray a time and place in a way that makes me wish I’d lived then and there. Did you ever read Naguib Mafouz’s Cairo trilogy?

  2. Started Naghib Mafouz many years ago. Didn’t engage me (sorry, I was a callow youth). For a slightly less erudite take on East meets West tradition, consider BU Anthropology Professor Jenny White’s 19th c. mystery THE SULTAN’S SEAL. It’s packed with the sort of historical minutia that you either find fascinating or drives you crazy. I loved it. I believe she’s come out with a second novel but I haven’t had time to check it out.

    Thanks, by the way for the link to the scones. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Ken

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